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Yes, our checkout page and website are secure with SSL encryption and we do not hold credit card information. All credit card processing is done through Stripe which is the industry standard for secure online transactions.

We appreciate your support for as long as you feel comfortable offering but If you need to cancel it’s a simple click of a button in your account page.

It is meant to inspire and create motivation to complete the 7-Day Journey… and it’s a way for us to congratulate you and thank you for supporting us.

Here’s how it works:

✅ Choose the top-level Donation Level.

✅ Let us know if you want someone else to receive a completion gift. Send us a message on your account page.

✅ When you complete the 7-Day Rhythm Breathwork Journey we’ll mail your certificate and Gift Package.

It is that simple.

3 Important Notes To Remember:

1. You must be an active donator when you complete the journey in order to receive the gift.

2. I ship twice a month so it may take up to 2 weeks to mail out.

3. In general we do not ship outside the United States. If you would like a completion gift package I am sure we can work something out, you just might need to pay for shipping. Contact me personally on your account page and we’ll figure something out.

 1 . Become a Donating Member: This at the core helps insure the company stays in business and helps reach as many as possible. This also supports the work with creation of videos, courses and challenges.

2. Be active in the community: Saying hi to someone that joins. sending a positive comment to someone that completes a course and/or challenge is a priceless gift that I’m sure will sit with them for a long time. These are big changes in people lives and a little comment can go a long way.

3. Share On Social Media: Sharing the website, course, challenge, mission and benefits is beyond amazing. I promise it will make my day to see. Sometimes I forget that this work is reaching anybody but seeing it pop up in social media always gives me hope and encouragement that it’s worth my time and energy.

Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator Opportunity: We welcome you with loving arms if you want to be a more vital part of our community. We are always looking for breathwork coaches, facilitator or group managers. This is a volunteer position until we get to a certain level of constant income but the reward of helping others and being the go to person has its own form of value.

If you want to be an online breathwork facilitator, group manager and coach Contact Us Here