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Benefits Of Breathwork

Here's what experts have to say about breathwork and the benefits from this simple yet powerful practice.

Join The 7 Day
Breathwork Journey

Free Guided Breathwork
Meditation For Beginners


You do not need any prior experience in breathwork. This is great for people of all levels of breathwork.

There is nothing you need to have learned or experienced to feel more ready for this 7-Day Journey. How you are showing up is exactly how it was meant to be.

With the 7-Day Journey, you will also get the Guided Rhythm Breathwork for Beginner FREE. This way, you can get the most out of the 7-Day Rhythm Breathwork Journey and grow your personal breathwork practice.

At the heart of breathwork is rhythm and breath.

We do not claim to be bound by any specific breathwork technique or style. Our course and challenge will be a combination of different breathwork techniques and styles to help give you the most beneficial breathwork experience.  We will incorporate breath retentions in the Journey to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and help bring you to a present state for meditating. 

If you’ve found yourself saying “breathwork is hard work and difficult,” then you’re going to love this. Your body needs time to adjust. YouTube breathwork can be all over the place, and the pacing is usually inconsistent, along with it being extremely distracting with ads and catered media that grasp your attention and derails you before, during, and after your Breathwork session.

✅ We will slowly build up your breathwork practice with music created specifically for the breathwork session.

Get ready for an enjoyable and wonderful process to connect deeper with yourself.

In the next 7 days, you will:

  • Be a part of the breathwork community where you can connect, receive support, guidance, and inspiration. 
  • Have a simple, distraction-free place to do your daily breathwork practice.
  • Start and maintain your breathwork practice at a healthy and consistent pace.
  • Experience the power of breathwork and watch your life change in front of you.
  • Activate your inner tools needed to self-regulate, energize, heal, and connect you to your purpose.
  • Receive a downloadable 7-day breathwork certificate for finishing.
  • This is all FREE.

This is created out of love for humanity.

Our breath is at the heart of our existence we’re in a time where the general public is having decreased oxygen consumption by 5-10% and email/texting apnea is becoming a medical term used by physicians. Which basically means that a person holds their breath while texting, cutting off oxygen to their brain, and impairing cognitive function.

If you let that sink in, you might notice some voice inside saying “Wow, something needs to change, that’s not a healthy place we’ve arrived at in society”. That inner voice just got pretty loud for us, and here we are.

So how do you stay in business if it doesn’t cost anything?

Well, we’re going to find out in time. At the moment, Tyson, the founder, is funding it out of his own pocket and has put aside funds to keep it free. If you’re in a position to offer help, we do appreciate any contributions, whether that’s through supporting others in the community, sharing on social media, or donating. As primary, completing the 7-Day Rhythm Breathwork Journey is the best help you can offer.

The goal is to have 100,000 people complete the 7-Day Rhythm Breathwork Journey. If you have any help or suggestions to help reach that goal, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Click the orange button above and jump in the members. It’s a super simple and clean layout when get inside.  

I’ll have a video inside to walk you through everything too.  Looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your journey.