We hope you enjoy your time here and find the information helpful. If you are not having a good time we would love to know why.  For the most part we prefer to feel supported on our work. 

Truth is, not everyone is ready to integrate with society for a number of reasons that we are not qualified to work with.  If you like trolling, have a need to constantly finding problems in people and situations and think you’re might to be difficult with us and the members as well, we hope the best for you but please find another place for that energy to go…. maybe…. try integrating breathwork into your daily routine? 🙂

We reserve the right to remove anyone from our community without needing to give a reason. 

By joining a challenge or any course you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your own health.  If you are pregnant, have a heart or respiratory condition, history of epilepsy or mental or physical health conditions or concerns we recommend you consult your doctor before diving into breathwork.  

Our information is for entertainment purposes only. Consult your doctor before doing any form of breathwork.

Much Love,
Rhythm Breathwork Team


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